Head of Fee



Annual Charges

Nursery to XII


Tuition Fees

Nursery to V

VI to X





Transport Fee*

Zone - I

Zone - II

Zone - III

Zone - IV





Lunch Fee*

Nursery to KG II

I to V







School Development Fee

Nursery to XII



  1. Tuition fees are payable quarterly.

  2. Annual charges are payable in full with the fees of the 1st quarter

  3. School development fees are payable in 2 equal installments with 1st & 3rd Term fees.

  4. Lunch fees*& Transport fees* are optional and are charged for ten months only. Please note that if the parent has not opted out of lunch and transport facility in writing before the start of the academic year then he shall have to pay for these services for the entire ten months as all relevant arrangements are made in prior for providing proper meals and transportation to the students.

  5. Following is the schedule for fees payment and the late fees dates:




Fees due on

Last date for payment

Extended Period for payment without late fees

Late fees applicable on and after following dates

First Quarter

April to June

March 20, 2023

April 5, 2023

April 30, 2023

May 1, 2023

Second Quarter

July to September

June 20, 2023

July 5, 2023

July 31, 2023

August 1, 2023

Third Quarter

October to December

September 20, 2023

October 5, 2023

October 31, 2023

November 1, 2023

Fourth Quarter

January to March

December 20, 2023

January 5, 2024

January 31, 2024

February 1, 2024

  1. LATE FEES: The late fees will be charged at the rate of 1% of the due amount per month and will continue to accumulate as long as the fees remain unpaid after the last dates for payment, after the expiry of the extended grace period.

  2. The school ERP will accept the fees sequentially only along with the applicable late fees. Therefore, the parent will have to first pay the due fees of the previous terms along with the applicable late fees before paying the fees for the current term.

  3. Please note that the calculation of late fees are now an integral part of the automated school fees collection systems and will show on all the modes of payments. Hence, the school fees counter staff or any other administrative officers will not be able to intervene in the applicability of the late fees.

  4. MODES OF PAYMENT: Following modes of payment will be available to the parents:

Modes of payment

Point of collection

1.) Cheque/ credit cards/ debit cards/ UPI/ QR Code/POS.

School fees counter

2.) Online payment through credit cards, debit cards, UPI or net banking.

School website and school application ( app.)

3.) Cash

HDFC bank branches and school counter

  1. The school fees collection counter will be open from 9 am to 3 pm on all working days as per the school planner.

  2. The school will issue online fees receipts that will be available to the parent on his registered email id and the school application( APP.). The receipts of the checks will be subject to realisation of the amounts in the school account.

  3. Other optional charges such as exchange programs, excursions, school trips, MUN and conferences etc. will be charged on actuals and only if opted for.

  4. DISPUTED TRANSACTIONS SUPPORT: For any issues arising due to faulty online transactions, the parent may write to the school accounts department at accounts@ndps.edu.in with all relevant details. The accounts department will respond to the mails in maximum of three working days and will share all the requested information with the parent that is required to either pay the fees or get the amount back into his account.

  5. BOUNCED CHEQUES: If the fees cheques bounce due to any reasons then the parent must pay the due fees along with the applicable late fees, within seven working days, through any of the modes specified above other than cheques. If the payments are not cleared within seven working days then the school reserves the right to take appropriate legal action for recovery of dues.

  6. NON PAYMENT OF FEES FOR THE FULL ACADEMIC YEAR: If the parent fails to pay the school fees for the full academic then the school will be constrained to delete the name of the students from the school rolls for the next academic year and take appropriate legal action against the parent for recovery of the dues.