Principal’s Welcome

I feel an enormous sense of privilege in having the opportunity to lead such an outstanding academic institution. Thanks to the commitment and hard work of our founders, Mr. Sudhakar Mendke and Mrs. Sindhu Mendke, NDPS is today one of the leading schools of Indore with a reputation for excellence. It is a school where pupils are encouraged to think by teachers who inspire them.

NDPS offers a contemporary, challenging and enriching education for students with aspiration. In a lush green setting, the school provides world-class facilities and expert guidance required to discover and explore their individual interests far beyond the traditional curriculum.

Students are inspired to pursue excellence and to value achievement highly. In addition to their academic development, students explore diverse interests ranging from various sports, arts and subjects to debate.

What students of NDPS have in common is that they emerge from NDPS articulate, confident, with a strong sense of social responsibility, ready for university and the wider world.

On visiting the school and knowing more about our programs, you will immediately have a sense of the education and school environment.

I do hope that you will visit us to find out more about our forward-looking school which encourages each pupil to strive to be the very best that they can be.

With warm regards,
Winston Gomez