Admission Procedures

  1. The School Academic session begins in April and ends in March.
  2. Invitations for admissions for the academic year commencing in April will generally be announced through the school website by the 15th of October of the previous year.
  3. Parents may signify their interest in the admission of their wards by filling in the online inquiry form,  which will also be available in hard copy at the school office. This form can be filled all through the year.
  4. Once the inquiry form is filled, parents will be invited for admissions counseling in accordance with the sequence in which the forms have been submitted.
  5. The Parent will get an opportunity to understand and evaluate the school programs during the counseling. The Admissions counseling includes an optional tour of the school. Members of the senior management team are available to meet during the counseling session.
  6. After counseling, parents will be invited to fill the registration form and complete the formalities of admission within three days.
  7. The formalities include submission of relevant documents and payment of the admission fees along with the first installment of other fees.
  8. The Transfer Certificate, however, should be submitted by 30th of April of the academic year.
  9. Admissions are provisional and will be confirmed subject to submission of the transfer certificate and other required documents.