The Library

The Library is housed in a two-storied hall that overlooks the school cricket field.  The students can be found enjoying this beautiful facility throughout the school day as it provides a quiet yet stimulating place to study and reflect.
Whether our pupils are searching for knowledge, quiet reflection, reading for pleasure, or to exercise their imagination, the NDPS Library will answer their needs.

Our Library has over 20,000 books and a wide selection of newspapers, journals, DVDs, audio books and access to more than 25 subscription services in a variety of languages and on a range of topics.

Each of our resources is carefully selected to stimulate the scholastic requirements of the School community and to support intellectual enquiry, learning and thought. Regular promotional displays and reading lists also encourage a questioning, independent approach to learning. The Library supports recreational reading too, with a number of interesting fiction and non-fiction titles in our collection, as well as access to the school’s Digital Library where pupils can download books to their personal e-readers and other devices.

The School Library holds over 2000 non-fiction titles covering all disciplines, 18000 fiction titles and a huge selection of modern DVDs and music. Periodicals and newspapers for a range of subjects are available in the Library. Additionally the Library subscribes to over 40 online resources, including periodicals, academic journals and databases.

The Library runs clubs, challenges and events aimed at engaging pupils with reading and the wider world of literature, from our internationally themed World Book Day Buffet, to Harry Potter Book Night and the Everest Reading Challenge.


The Library seeks to support the educational and co-curricular aims of NDPS by making the Library a center of teaching, learning and reading for pleasure. The service we provide aims to enable students to develop as confident library users and independent scholars, and prepare them for further study and higher education.

The Library enriches the curricular experiences of all pupils by providing a broad range of resources, both in terms of format and content, as well as the knowledge required to access, analyze and make use of these materials.

The Library is a well-used resource with a welcoming atmosphere aimed at building a student’s engagement with literature and encouraging independent study.

Library staff has worked hard to create an environment that is friendly and positive for all pupils, and regularly seek out feedback to ensure that we provide the best possible service to all members of the College community.

The Library aims to instill and encourage a love of reading, a love of the written word and an awareness of what is happening in the world of research and literature. Educating pupils in the use of information, providing support for research and developing a pupil’s ability to make challenging and thoughtful reading choices is at the core of everything that the Library does.