NDPS nurtures its pupils in an environment of excellence. We are passionate about our mission and welcome the challenges and opportunities that come along with it.

Leadership Excellence

Every Individual is has an innate leadership potential. Even if this potential lies dormant for a long time, with right impulse and circumstances it will be awakened.

We offer opportunities, challenges and support to the pupils through various programs to awaken this leadership potential. We ignite a passion in an individual to be their best version. For this, the students must compete with themselves and better their performance each time.

NDPians have a strong record of leadership in many spheres of human endeavor. Students are offered opportunities to prepare themselves for these responsibilities through captaincy of teams, debating, public speaking, positions of leadership within schoolhouses and school-wide roles as prefects.

Learning Excellence

At NDPS, we are passionate about our work and we pro actively pursue excellence in academics and all disciplines that are taught in the school. We emphasize attention to detail and meticulousness in learning.

The teachers use the latest teaching methodology; lesson plans and class room techniques to deliver high quality teaching. In addition they motivate, mentor and guide the student to achieve his best in each subject.

All our systems are modeled on highest standards and incorporate the best practices.

We set examples for our students through our conduct, systems and processes. The school team delivers highest quality to its students as we realize that the pupils will observe and imbibe the values they see in action.

At NDPS, excellence is a dynamic concept that thrives on continuous improvement and awareness of our people.