The rigorous academic programs and high quality teaching are designed to instill a love of learning amongst our pupils. At all ages, they are expected to develop a spirit of scholarly enthusiasm and motivated to make the most of the many academic, co-curricular and cultural opportunities available to them within and beyond formal lessons.

Following are the Highlights:

  • Outstanding Quality of Curriculum: Broad based, balanced and innovative curriculum with international dimension (NDPS was awarded “Innovation in Curriculum Award” at the 8th ED Leadership Roundtable Conference in 2015 and has twice been awarded the International Schools Award of the British Council for the international dimension in curriculum).
  • Rigorously Monitored Teaching Standards for Consistent Delivery of Academic Curriculum:
    1. NDPS has defined high teaching standards appropriate to each level and the needs of all students.
    2. Scrupulous monitoring of teaching and learning by supervisors for the best academic outcomes.
    3. Performance Management System and Staff appraisal System of teachers takes into account the quality of teaching as evaluated by supervisors.
    4. All classes are smart classrooms with digital content and intensive use of technology.
    5. This impact is evident from the outstanding results of the CBSE examinations year on year.