Founding President

Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah,
Sarve Santu Niramaya,
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu,
Maa Kashchitt Dukha Bhagbhavet.

Dear Reader,

It is said that school is the second home to children. But for someone deeply involved in promoting a school it became my first home. We, as a family, have been instrumental in weaving the fabric of this institution and we have tried to do our best. 
For years now, I have seen the school growing and evolving and I feel that it is not the buildings or the infrastructure that is the real growth of an institution. The real growth is what students achieve during their years in the school and what they make out of it after they go out into the real world.

I observe our students and see how they fare in their lives. It is not the immediate success that I am talking about but the overall attitude of a student towards his life, both, in success and failures. I know that everyone is not cut out to be successful according to the benchmarks established by the society. But among them are some who will set their own benchmarks and achieve success in their own right. I respect that.
In fact, one of the real tests of good schooling is whether you learn to be yourself and still respect the society. The real test for the school’s teaching is if the student has enough courage to move on the path that he believes in.

Well, I have great satisfaction in being a part of this mission. I always remind the team NDPS to be aware of our topmost priority that is the child, the human being. For… he is what we stand for!

I hope that the team NDPS will keep our core values intact and will maintain the trust and affection that they have received as a legacy. 

With best wishes
Mr Sudhakar S. Mendke
Founding Chairman