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Yoga and Holistic life regime
Students are equipped with inherent strength and holistic approach towards life through the yoga routine.

Hobby Skills

Students are trained in a wide range of performing and visual arts like dance, music, art, craft, sculpting, candle making, cooking, painting, theater etc. Talented students are further provided a training and platform to display their skills. Professionals conduct workshops to introduce students to various career options in these fields.

Humanistic Values

Motivation behind work efficiency has to arise from understanding the purpose and result of the work for oneself and society. The dignity of labor and sensitivity towards fellow beings is inspired through various socially productive and useful activities

Spiritual Values

The child is provided with a barrage of moral and spiritual experiences in which he can brood about his higher self and know the source of inner strength, which is the sole strength in all conditions. The seeds of higher living, which are essentially what one seeks after one finds material success are sown right during the schooling process with a belief that they will generate when the conditions are ripe.


various academic and extracurricular competitions help students organize their talent and translate it into a winning performance. The environment of the competitions is so created that the entire focus is on excellence, making victory a mere by-product of the quest for excellence.

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