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  • NDPS International Student Exchange Programme
    NDPS is now associated with AFS for its International student exchange programme. We can now send our students to other countries for various short and year-long term programmes in association with AFS.
    Through exchange programmes, the School encourages students to discover a new curriculum and ways of learning, ability to adapt and be part of a whole new world and experience, expose them to various cultural contexts and provide opportunities for social service. Such exchange programmes are for making young people appreciate foreign cultures and promote liberal-mindedness. These programmes facilitate greater interaction between students of different nationalities and contribute towards global peace and harmony. The school students and their families can also volunteer to host foreign students and be a part of the inter cultural experience.
    AFS is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. AFS was created in 1914 and has been doing intercultural programs since 1947, currently present in more than 54 countries with over 11,000 exchanges per year.
    The essence of any AFS program is 'Stay and Study' in a different cultural setting. Participants live with a host family experiencing home and family life that is in many ways different to their own culture and routine.
    The benefits of this intercultural experience are manifold. The participant, the host family, host school, and the community get an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.
    Every year AFS provides thousands of high school age (15-17.5 year old) students from all over the world with opportunities to live in another country for an academic year. The young people become immersed in the life of their new community, living with a local host family and attending a local high school
    For more details please visit the AFS official website. www.afs.org.in
    International Award for Young People (IAYP)
    For encouraging young people and to help them achieve their full growth potential within the framework of Indian society and further improve their moral, social and intellectual well-being, the NDPS is happy to introduce International Award for Young People (IAYP) to its students. IAYP is an internationally acclaimed organization and its certificates are highly valued for admission to many prestigious universities in India and abroad.


    1. 1. To learn how to give useful service to others.

    2. 2. To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery.

    3. 3. To encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills.

    4. 4. To encourage participation in Physical recreation and improvement of performance.


    1. 1. The programme is non-competitive

    2. 2. Anyone with perseverance and enterprise, including the disabled, can earn this Award.

    3. 3. You can choose activities that are appropriate to your environment and best suited to your own personal interests and talents.

    4. 4. The programme provides an opportunity to help by sharing your individual skills and experience with others.


    Levels Minimum Duration
    Silver (age 15+ yrs) 12 months
    Gold (age 16+ yrs) 18 months

    For each level, participants have to complete the requirements of each of the four different sections. Qualifying standards are measured in terms of progress, proficiency and sustained effort.


    Volunteering : Undertaking service to individuals or the community.

    Physical Recreation : Improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness activities.

    Skills : Developing practical and social skills and personal interests.

    Expendition : Planning, training for and completion of an adventurous journey in India or abroad.

    At Gold level : Participants must do an additional fifth Residential section, which involves staying and working away from home doing a shared activity.

    Benefits :
    1. Recognition and respective medal with a certificate.
    2. Certificate highly prized by admission officers world over.

       for more information you may logon to www.iayp.in
    NCC - National Cadet Corps
    NCC - National Cadet Corps, the largest uniformed youth organization in the world was raised in 1948 with the motto of "Unity and Discipline".
    National Cadet Corps (NCC) provides a platform for individual upliftment through the process of canalizing the energy of the youth in constructive pursuits. Besides giving thrill and excitment, (National Cadet Corps) NCC promotes camaraderie and resilience and hones cultural skills to preserve the cultural traditions and values of society. It helps the youth to realize the intimate relationship between man and the community, between community and nature and their inter dependence.
    CBSE has decided to implement National Cadet Corps (NCC) as an elective subject with the objective to expose the dynamic youth towards serving the nation by adopting various learning’s from the stream of National Cadet Corps (NCC). This would help to inculcate a defense services work ethos which is characterized by diligence, preseverance, dedication a regimented way of life and above all resilience and humility. It also increases the grading / percentage in board examination.
    The school too believes in developing qualities of character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship and the ideals of selfless service.
    The youth of our nation are mature, confident and have high aspirations. We in NCC are committed to show and direct them to the right path and groom them as responsible, disciplined and motivated citizens and generate amongst them secular and patriotic values.
    NDPS, in association with two NCC units 1 MP Girls Battalion and 1 MP Air SQN, offers an opportunity to those girls and boys who want to join armed forces and love adventure and their nation.
    Promotion Policy From Class XI to XII
    A student will be promoted from class XI to XII on the basis of the marks obtained in the Final Term Examination, provided he/she fulfills the attendance criteria.
    It will be mandatory for a student to appear at the annual examination to be eligible for promotion. He/she will be deemed to have failed in the class if he/she fails to appear at the annual examination.
    To have been declared passed in a class; a student will have to obtain minimum D2 Grade in each subject, both in theory and practical separately, where applicable, and in the internal assessment subjects like Physical Education, General Studies, Work Education, etc.
    It is mandatory to obtain 75% attendance, failing which the student will not be allowed to sit for the Final Examination.
    Compartment Examination/Improvement Test : There is no provision for compartment examination but a student can be placed in the improvement test due to medical reasons or on the recommendations of the Moderation Committee, provided that he/she does not get less than D2 Grade in more than one subject.
    A student who is detained twice in the same class will be removed from the school rolls.
    Improvement test for missing annual examination can, however, be arranged in genuine cases on request of parents and production of the medical certificate.
    In addition, assessment will be made for personal and social qualities, co-scholastic areas like sports and cultural activities and reflected in the Achievement Record.
    Revaluation or Retotalling of Answer Books(applicable for class XI only)

    Rules :

    A parent can apply for revaluation by paying a fee of `100/- each subject within a week of the declaration of the result. If there is any change in the marks, the fee will be refunded to the parents. The application for revaluation will be available at the reception.
    The result of the revaluation will be intimated within a week of the receipt of the application form.
    There may be a change in marks not necessarily to the advantage of the student. In that case, the actual score after the revaluation will be accepted as the correct marks.
    The answer sheets will not be shown to the parents.
    The answer sheet will be examined by a senior teacher other than the original examiner. Under Revaluation the answer book will not be re-examined but we shall only:
    • 1. Re-total the marks of all questions and of the parts of each question.

    • 2. Examine the unmarked answers.

    • 3. Rectify an error due if there is any mistake in the evaluation of answers.

    • 4. Rectify the error if the marks are not awarded as per the key and marking scheme.

    • 5. Rectify the error if a question is wrongly marked.

    • 6. Rectify the error if the question is marked twice.

    A student can be shown the answer book in the presence of a teacher by paying a fee of ` 500/-for each subject. Parents will not be allowed to see the answersheet. The school will follow the directions from CBSE in this regard.

    Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for Class XI

    CBSE has introduced Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for the students of Class IX and XI. It is mandatory for all students of Class XI. There is no specific syllabus for 'Problem Solving Assessment'. It will assess the Life Skills relating to Quantitative and Qualitative Reasoning and Language Conventions.
    The students will get a certificate on the `Problem Solving Assessment'.

    Payment of Fee

    1. Tuition Fee is to be paid in four quarterly installments i.e. April, July, October and January from 1st to 15th of the particular month. Parents can pay fee till the last day of the month without late fee by making a written request to the School.

    2. Parents can pay fee by cheque up to the end of the month in which the quarterly fee is due, after which the fee will be accepted in CASH only.

    3. If, due to any unavoidable reasons, a parent is unable to pay the fee on the due date, he/ she should make a written request to this effect.

    4. Fee will be charged for April to June in case of withdrawal request in April/ May.

    Annual charge

    1. Annual charges are to be paid along with the tuition fee in the beginning of the session at the time of admission or first installment in April.

    2. In case of transfer of parent, annual charges can be refunded after charging on a pro rata basis and deduction till the month the student has attended the class. However, no refund will be granted after six months i.e. 30th September.

    3. If a student is admitted in the middle of the session, the fee will be charged from the month of admission in the school. Annual charges will also be effective from the month of admission.

    Late Fee

    1. If the fee is not paid by the due date, a late payment fee @ Rs. 5 per day will be charged and a reminder will be sent to parents. If the fee is not deposited for one month after the last date, a lump sum fine of Rs. 250 for one quarter as late payment fee will be paid.


    1. The first reminder will be sent to parents on 16th of the month in which the fee is due. The second reminder will be sent on 1st of the second month in which fee is due. The third reminder will be sent on 15th of the second month. The final reminder will be issued on 1st of the third month. If the fee is still not deposited till the last day of the 3rd month, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls.

    2. Names of defaulters till the end of academic session will be struck off the nominal roll for the next session.

    Payment of advance fee and part payment

    1. A parent can pay fee in advance for all the four quarters but part payment of an installment is not permitted. However, on request of the parent, installments can be re-scheduled as per the convenience of the parent.

    Bouncing of cheque

    1. In case a cheque is bounced, the parents will be informed about it. They will then be asked to pay the fee in cash along with the late payment fee for the period and bouncing charges. These cases will be treated at par with the defaulters of late payment of fee. Once the cheque is bounced, the fee for remaining quarters will be realised in CASH only. No cheque will be accepted for the balance installments.

    Refund of Caution Money

    1. Caution money will be refunded on application made to accounts department at the time of applying for TC. The parent should attach the original receipt of caution money deposited for an early settlement. The cheque of caution money will be issued in the name of father/mother / guardian (as mentioned in the school record) of the student within ten days of the application. Parents may not claim any interest on caution money.

    Admission fee

    1. Admission Fee will be charged only once at the time of admission.

    Mess fee and Bus fee

    1. Mess and Bus fee will be charged for 10 months only.

    Other levy by the government

    1. In case of any charges/ service the government levies tax on any fee, it will be borne by the parents.

    Admission in the mid-session

    1. In case a child is admitted in the mid session, the fee will be charged from the month in which admission takes place. The parent should produce receipt for the fee paid in the previous school.

    2. In case a parent has paid fee till the month in which admission takes place, the parent will be charged from the month of admission irrespective of whether the parent has paid fee for that month in previous school or not.

    Admission in Class X and XII

    1. As per CBSE rules, no admission shall be taken in Class X and XII directly.

    2. However, a student who has completed a regular course of study for class IX XI and has passed class IX/XI examination from an institution recognized by/affiliated to any recognized Board in India can be admitted to a school affiliated to this Board only on the transfer of the parent(s) or shifting of their families from one place to another after procuring from the student the mark-sheet and the Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by the Educational Authorities of the Board concerned.

    Admission in class X

    1. Provisional admission can be given on the basis of the examination conducted by the School. Final admission will be made after Board results.

    2. The parents who wish to continue their ward in class XI, are required to fill in the application form for provisional admission in Class XI in the month of March/ April along with the first term fee. The school will notify the date.

    2. A student who does not apply for provisional admission in class XI in the month of March/April will not be considered for admission in May/June.

    Admission from a foreign country/abroad:


    1. No student migrating from a school in a foreign country, other than the School affiliated to this Board, shall be eligible for admission unless an eligibility certificate in respect of such a student has been obtained from this Board. For obtaining eligibility certificate from the Board, the Principal of the school to which admission is being sought will submit to the Board full details of the case and relevant documents with his own remarks/recommendations. The eligibility certificate will be issued by the Board only after the Board is satisfied that the course of study undergone and examination passed is equivalent to the corresponding class of the Board.

    Admission from a foreign country/abroad

    1. Normally, the fee once deposited will not be refunded except in case of transfer of parent.

    2. In case a parent applies for a transfer certificate in the mid-session due to any unavoidable reasons, he/she shall be charged the tuition fee and other fees till the month in which the school receives application for TC. Annual charges shall be refunded on a pro rata basis. However, no refund of admission fee will be made. Similarly, no refund will be made after six months.

    Issue of receipt

    1. The accounts department will issue a proper receipt for any payment of fee. The matter should be brought to the notice of school authorities in case receipt is denied. Parents should ensure that they obtain receipt before leaving the fee counter. No representation in this matter will be entertained without the fee receipt.

    Other charges

    1. The fee realised in installments does not cover the charges for any extra activities in which the child takes part such as a picnics, tours, CBSE Board examination fee, extra coaching in any subject/sports, medical test, news papers, any charges for annual day or other functions. Parent will be sent proper written notice as and when the school collects any amount under these heads. Parents should not send any money through student without a proper written communication from Principal.

    Discontinuation of the name

    1. The names of students whose dues are not cleared before the declaration of the final result, will not be continued in the next session and therefore, will be removed from the nominal rolls. Such cases can be considered for Re-admission if seats are available and all dues cleared.

    Disciplinary Action

    Banned Items

    The following items are strictly banned in the school premises. Any student in possession of any of these items will be liable to be disciplinary action.

    • 1. Mobile phone*, I-pod, etc.

    • 2. Knife, Firearm or any kind of weapon.

    • 3. Bringing or bursting firecrackers

    • 4. Indulging in smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc.

    *No student will be allowed to bring a mobile phone to the school under any circumstances In case a student is found violating this rule, his/her mobile will be confiscated. It will be returned to the parent only with an undertaking that his ward will not repeat the violation.

    Banned Items

    The following activities are prohibited and indulging in any of them will invite disciplinary action.

    Disciplinary action can also be taken on any other grounds like unsatisfactory progress in school due to irregularity or inattentiveness; detention or repeated detention in a class; non- payment of fees for one month after repeated reminders; or any other reason due to which the presence of a student is detrimental to the overall interest of the school.

    • 1. Indulging in any kind of unruly or aggressive behavior.

    • 2. Use of abusive or vulgar language in the school or the school bus.

    • 3. Using demeaning remarks regarding one's race, religion, caste or ethnicity.

    • 4. Using unfair means in the examination.

    • 5. Damaging school property; defacing walls of any room or facility in the school.

    • 6. Sending obscene or intimidating messages through electronic or social media.

    • 7. Tampering with documents like Achievement Records, Answer sheets, etc.

    • 8. Coming to school by self-driven two-wheeler / four wheeler vehicle.

    • 9. Any act of vandalism, whether within or outside school.

    • 10. Violation of school rules as detailed in the school almanac or prospectus.

    • 11. Repeated absenteeism without any valid reasons and without approval from school authorities.

    • 12. Misbehaviour or disrespect to teachers or other staff.

    • 13. Any form of betting or gambling.

    • 14. Harassment of other students, whether sexual or otherwise.

    • 15. Discrimination on the basis of race, caste, creed and community.

    • 16. Indulging in any activity in violation of the spirit of Indian constitution or law of the land.

    Form of disciplinary action

    (a) Fine   (b) Suspension   (c) Expulsion
    Students and parents will be given a reasonable opportunity to explain their position regarding the proposed action.
    Where such cases are reported, the disciplinary committee of the school will hold an enquiry and after satisfying itself, will take appropriate action under category (a), (b) and (c) above. Parents can appeal against the decision. But, the decision of the management committee will be final and binding.

    Attendance and Eligibility to appear at the Final Exam

    • 1. To be eligible to appear at the annual examination, a student will have to attain minimum 75% attendance, separately in practical and internal assessment subjects also, where applicable.

    • 2. Leave will be counted as absence.
    • 3. Students attending cultural/sports tournaments/NCC Camps with permission of the school may be given special attendance for that period.

    • 4. Continuous absence without any intimation / approval will lead to the removal from the school rolls. In Case the student is absent for more than one month without leave or information from the parents, the students' name will be removed from the school's roster.

    • 5. The school will not be responsible if the student misses any important announcement during his/her absence, such as of the practical examination, filling up the Board examination forms, issue of some important document or any other information. It is the duty of the parent to verify if they missed any important circular due to their ward's absence that day.

    • 6. Similarly, it will not be the responsibility of the school to arrange the class-work/homework notebooks from other students if a student remains absent due to certain reasons. The parent will have to do so on their own. However, on request of the parents, teachers can provide extra guidance/ help in genuine cases of absence.

    Dining Hall

    • 1. The school provides healthy and nutritious food to students. It is compulsory for all students to have meals in the dining hall. No exemption will be granted except for medical reasons. In such cases, the school will cater for meals as recommended by the doctor. No student will be allowed to bring meals from home. No application with regard to exemption of mess fee will be entertained.
    • 2. Students will move to the dining hall and back to the classroom in a proper line without creating any noise.
    • 3. They will wash their hands and enter the hall. They will make no unnecessary noise while eating their meals.

    Bus / Conveyance

    • 1. Keeping in view the safety of the students the school does not permit the students to come by their own personal conveyance or any other hired vehicle.
    • 2. The school will not be held responsible for the safety of students while commuting if any parents violate the above rule.
    • 3. A student, however, can be allowed to come on foot after submitting an application duly signed by their parents.
    • 4. He/She will reach the school on foot not earlier than 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.
    • 5. He/She will leave the school on foot about 5 minutes after the scheduled departure time.

    Safety rules to the followed by the students in the bus

    When students commute by bus, the following guidelines should be followed:
    • 1. Reach the bus stop well in time.
    • 2. At the bus stand, always follow the queue.
    • 3. Board the bus only after it has come to a halt.
    • 4. While in the bus remain seated till you get down.
    • 5. Shouting or making noise in the bus is not permitted. It disturbs the driver and compromises safety.
    • 6. Do not board or alight at a bus stop other than the one assigned for you.
    • 7. Always hold onto a handrail if standing to get down.
    • 8. Do not put any part of your body outside a moving or stationary bus.
    • 9. Do not throw litter outside, when in the bus.

    Leave / Fitness Certificate

    • 1. If a student suffers from any infectious disease like measles, mumps, chicken pox, he/she will not be allowed to attend classes unless the doctor certifies that he/she is fit to attend classes without any risk to others.
    • 2. Parents should inform the school in case a student is sick and submit the medical certificate as soon as possible.
    • 3. No re-test will be held on medical grounds. However, proportionate weightage can be considered if intimation is given in time and a medical certificate produced.
    • 4. If a student misses the Final Examination or SA-1 or SA-2 due to medical reasons, he/she can be considered for Re-Exam in the papers left out.

    Injury / sickness during school hours

    • 1. In case a student is injured during school hours, the school will administer first aid in the school. The student will be referred to the nearest hospital in case of a serious injury. In any case, parents will be informed immediately
    • 2. If the student is not well, the subject teacher concerned will send him to the sick bay after filling the prescribed form.
    • 3. The nurse will examine the student and administer necessary first aid.
    • 4. The nurse will inform the Principal if the sickness / injury needs special care.
    • 5. The student will be sent to the hospital if the sickness/injury is serious and requires medical attention.
    • 6. In any case, the nurse will inform the parents and other authorities about the sick / injured student.

    Change of address, contact numbers

    • 1. Parents are requested to intimate to school office in writing about any change of address or contact numbers, failing which the school will not be held responsible for any missing correspondence. They should also submit the proof of the residence in case the address is changed.

    Changing the bus trip / bus stop

    Normally, a student will not be allowed to change the bus trips or bus stops. However, in some exceptional circumstances, permission may be granted on a written request from the parent. No student will be allowed to change the bus trip/stop without a written application.

    Signatures/Attestation of Documents

    Attestation of documents and any other application should be forwarded through the class teacher to the school office and they should collect it while going home from the office. Alternatively the student can submit it at the reception/school office and collect it before leaving for home the same day.

    Railway Concession

    Students can avail a railway or airline concession if eligible for visiting their hometown as shown by them in the school record during any school vacation / break. They can apply to the Principal for it.

    Money /Financial Transactions

    Parents are advised to refrain from entering into any kind of monetary or financial transactions with any of the staff members. They must inform the authorities if any claim is made by any of the staff members.

    Transfer Certificate/ Withdrawal

  • 1. You may apply for withdrawal of your ward in the prescribed application form available with the School Office.
  • 2. The Transfer Certificate will be issued within 7 days of the application without countersignature of educational authorities.
  • 3. The Transfer Certificate will be prepared and issued only after all dues to the school are cleared. The fee will be charged till the month in which you apply for withdrawal/transfer certificate of your ward. In case the application is received in the month of April, fee for May & June along with the proportionate annual charges will be charged. No fee will be refunded once deposited in advance. Parents are advised to clear all the dues from Accounts department, Library, etc before applying for the Withdrawal/Transfer Certificate.
  • 4. The students seeking admission elsewhere after declaration of the annual result should apply for Withdrawal/Transfer Certificate immediately. No notice will be required if the application is received till 31st March, after which the fee as applicable will be charged.
  • Students passing Class XII

    Outgoing students of class XII will get their transfer certificates after the school has received the Result sheet/Mark-sheet from CBSE. They can apply for the TC after the Board Results/Examinations.

    Students passing Class X

  • 1. The parents who do not wish their ward to continue in Class XI may apply for the Withdrawal/Transfer Certificate in the month of March.
  • 2. The Transfer Certificate will be issued only after declaration of result and receiving the result sheet from CBSE.
  • 3. The parents, who wish to continue their ward in Class XI, are required to fill in the application form for provisional admission in Class XI in the month of March/April. (As notified by the school)
  • 4. The name of the student who neither applied for provisional admission in Class XI nor for withdrawal/Transfer Certificate will be struck off the school records. It will be assumed that the parents are not interested in continuing their ward's education in the school.
  • Students passing Class X

  • 1. The Transfer Certificate will be sent to CBSE, Ajmer for countersignature on a request of the parent.
  • 2. The Transfer Certificate sent to CBSE, Ajmer for countersignature normally takes 40 days to be returned to the school.
  • 3. The school will not be held responsible for postal delay or loss in postal transit.
  • 4. A duplicate transfer certificate, in case of loss in postal transit, may be issued on the request of the parents or on confirmation from CBSE.
  • Refund of Caution Money

    Apply for withdrawal of caution money in the prescribed application form available with the Accounts Department immediately after applying for Withdrawal/ Transfer Certificate. Caution money will be refunded along with TC.

    Change in School Records

    No request of the parent will be entertained for change in Date of Birth, Student's Name/Surname, Father's Name/Surname and Mother's Name/Surname once recorded in the school's registers unless there are some compelling reasons supported by valid legal documents. Therefore, parents are requested to check/verify the particulars such as Date of Birth, Student's Name/Surname, Father's Name/Surname and Mother's Name/Surname carefully appearing in the documents (Report Card, Identity Card, Fee receipt, etc.) issued by the school. In case of any discrepancy found, it should be brought to the notice of the school for necessary correction.
    In case the documents are issued by CBSE, the school will forward the request for the change, if any, to CBSE for necessary correction.

    Issue of Duplicate Documents

    A duplicate certificate can be issued if the original certificate gets misplaced and if the school authorities are convinced and satisfied that the circumstances are valid. In that case the parent will submit an affidavit and a copy of the FIR.
    The school will not entertain a request for issue of duplicate documents such as Mark-sheet, Transfer Certificate after two years of declaration of result/leaving the school.

    Issue of other certificates/documents

    The school will not issue any certificate/document for participation in any activity or for holding any school appointment in the school after two years of the student's leaving the school.
    Change/Correction in Mark-sheet/Migration Certificate/Pass Certificate issued by the Board (CBSE)
    No Change/Correction in Student's Name/Surname, Father's Name/Surname and Mother's Name/Surname once recorded in Board's (CBSE) records shall be made.
    However, correction in spelling error, factual typographical error in Student's Name/ Surname, Father's Name/Surname and Mother's Name/Surname of Guardian's Name/ Surname to make it consistent with what is given in the school record or list of candidate (LOC) submitted by the school may be made.
    Application for correction in Student's Name/Surname, Father's Name/Surname and Mother's Name/Surname, Guardian's Name/Surname will be considered only within ten years of the date of declaration of result by the CBSE.
    (Reference: Notification No. COORD/SO-K/F-08/2007 Dated 16/10/2007 Amendment in Rule 69.1 of the Chapter 9 under changes and corrections in Name.)

    Change/Correction in Date of Birth

    No change in the date of birth once recorded in the Board's records in respect of those candidates who have appeared for the Secondary/Senior School Examinations conducted by the Board shall be made.
    However, corrections to correct typographical, genuine clerical error other errors to make the certificate consistent with school records can be made provided that corrections in the school records should not have been made after the submission of application form for admission to examination to the Board.
    The application for correction in the date of birth shall be entertained by the Board (CBSE) in respect of those candidates who have taken the examinations conducted by the Board only within two years of the date of declaration of result of class X/XII examination as the case may be. In case of those candidates who have appeared for the examination conducted by the Board both at Secondary and Senior Secondary levels, the period of two years shall be counted from the date of declaration of result of Secondary School examination. No correction, whatsoever, shall be made on application submitted after the said period of five years.
    (Reference: Notification No. COORD/AS/F-08/2010 Dated 30/08/2010 Amendment in Rule 69.2 of the Chapter 9 under changes/corrections in Date of Birth.)
    Hence, parents are requested to verify/check the particulars such as Student's Name/Surname, Father's Name/Surname, Mother's Name/Surname and Date of Birth as appearing in the IX Registration Card/Mark-sheet/Migration Certificate/Pass Certificate issued by the Board. In case of any discrepancy found in Student's Name/Surname,
    Father's Name/Surname, Mother's Name/Surname and Date of Birth, it should be brought to the notice of school authority immediately for necessary correction.
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