New Digamber Public School is indeed a work of a lifetime and I feel nostalgic writing about it. I feel thrilled and humbled to see the small sapling, that we planted years ago, grow into a huge shady and fruit laden tree.

To tell you the truth, my journey has always been about the children and their potential.

In a journey spanning more than four decades I have witnessed most diverse kind of students. No two students are alike and unexpected things do happen. Sometimes, a naughty boy will take up the challenge and study harder than a studious one and sometimes a real aloof one will walk on the stage and deliver a smashing speech. A seemingly dull one can surprise you with his talent and vibrancy in sport or art.

Well, that is how human beings are! What we dislike today we may end up liking it tomorrow with all our heart. If the interest is awakened, it brings along a conviction to become better at it. With children this phenomenon is even more pronounced. They deliver nothing short of miracle with a little support and motivation.

Every child is born with a gift. It is a folly to disregard it even if no immediate signs are visible. The talent may be completely latent for a long time but with a little patience, affection and trust the gift within is bound to reveal itself. It is here that a teacher’s task becomes challenging. She must remain objective but also believe in the potential of her students. A school also must cherish differences and celebrate individuality. Only then it can touch and transform lives. This has been my mantra and the core essence of my beliefs. I am happy that NDPS symbolizes it.

It is a gratifying experience to see NDPS earn a special place in the heart of the learners.

I sincerely hope it retains this core essence and measures up to the expectations of stakeholders for many years to come.

With best wishes,

Mrs. Sindhu Mendke
Tirthanjali Educational Society


“Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah
Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet “

It is said that school is the second home to children. But for someone deeply involved in the process of promoting a school it becomes a first home. Our family has been instrumental in weaving the fabric of this institution and we have tried to do our best.

For years now, I have seen the school growing and developing. But it is not the buildings or the infrastructure that is the real growth of an institution. The real growth is what the students achieve during their years within the school and also what they make out from it once they go out into the real world.

I observe our students and see how they fare in their lives.

And it is not the immediate success that I am talking about but the overall attitude of our student towards his life both in success and failures.

Everyone is not cut out to be successful according to the benchmarks established by the society. But among these students there will be some who will set benchmarks of their own. They will achieve success in their own right. I respect that. In fact, that is the test of a good schooling where you learn to be yourself and still respect the society. As a result you have courage to move on the path that you believe in.

That is where our teachings and all that we do in the school are tested... all the time.

Well, I have great satisfaction in being a part of this mission. It is here that I remind the team NDPS to remain aware of the highest priority that is the child, the human being. His well-being is the core of our mission and it should not be lost amidst all the change and development.

I wish that the Team NDPS continues to be inspired by our core values and maintains the trust and affection that they have received as a legacy.

With best wishes

Mr Sudhakar S. Mendke
Tirthanjali Educational Society


Welcome to New Digamber Public School (NDPS), Indore.

Whether you are a prospective parent, teacher, potential associate or a visitor to our site, your interest in visiting our school will certainly pique as you become better acquainted with the vision, ideology, history, achievements, facilities and programs at NDPS.

It is the idealism, commitment and application of educators’ par excellence - our founders, Mr. Sudhakar Mendke and Mrs. Sindhu Mendke, that NDPS is today one of the leading schools of Indore with a reputation for excellence not only in academics, but in sports and cultural activities as well.

Our elaborate, state-of-the-art facilities and holistic approach, coupled with extraordinary coaches and instructors, guarantees outstanding results in all walks of life.

We hope that your experience of navigating our website, visiting our campus and interacting with our staff, is a pleasant and enriching one.

We look forward to hosting you and taking note of your valuable suggestions.

With warm wishes

Winston Gomez
New Digamber Public School


Team NDPS is an eclectic blend of experienced seniors and enthusiastic younger members who are highly skilled in their respective fields and believe in the core values and vision of the school.

NDPS is a story of teamwork and its success and not that of one individual.


School Management Committee 2020-23


Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation in SMC
1. Mrs. Sindhu Mendke Chairperson
2. Mr. Winston Gomez Member Secretary
3. Mr. Sureshchandra Gupta Member
4. Mr. Gopal G Marwal Member
5. Mr. D. M. Thoukar Member
6. Mr. Chandresh Shah Member

Mrs. Hansa Kumari Arya
Deputy Director
Office of the Joint Director of Public
Instructions, Division Indore (M.P.)

Member, Nominee
District Education Department

The District Education Officer(DEO),
Indore or its Representative

Member, Nominee
District Education Department 

Mr. Ajay K Sharma

CBSE Board Nominee

Mrs. Sudha Pandey

CBSE Board Nominee

Mr. Vishal Bhatia

Teacher Member(Internal)

Mrs. Rekha Abraham

Teacher Member(Internal)

Dr. (Mrs.) Renu Patidar


Mr. Mahesh N Dumaldar

Teacher Member(External)

Dr. (Mrs.) Neelima Awachar

Teacher Member(External)

Mr. Manoj Joshi

Parent Member

Dr. (Mrs.) Seema Ahirkar

Parent Member


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