We are an institution in constant pursuit of excellence.

New Digamber Public School is a coeducation, English medium, school affiliated to CBSE board. It is 10+2 day school that runs Classes from grade I to XII.

    • VISION 2022

      NDPS Indore will be one of the leading schools in India.


      We are on a mission to create environments of learning that are progressive, value freedom and stand for the highest levels of excellence.



  • Every individual is unique. What makes one special is an inimitable blend of distinctive characteristics coded by divine will. It is just like an arrangement of musical notes to produce a distinct music. As a result of this inner coding, each journey is unique and so is the destiny. No wonder, expression of this inner code is most satisfying for all human beings.
  • We function with awareness and respect the individuality of each child.
  • We do not strive to shape, impose or carve destinies by pushing students on pre-set paths.
  • All we try to do is to equip each learner with skills and awaken wisdom within that will help him unfold his own destiny in harmony with himself and his surroundings.


  • We are an institution in constant pursuit of excellence.
  • We are progressive and willing to take the lead.
  • We are a friend and partner to all our stakeholders.
  • We are a home for learners who are less ordinary.
  • We are a school with an environment that is stimulating, healthy and safe.
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