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Access to laboratories and experiences of inquiry have long been recongnized as important aspects of school science. Laboratory experiences and experiments are the core of the science learning process. Science in the laboratory helps the holistic development of their conceptual understanding. It is very difficult to imagine to do science or learning about science without doing all scientific knowledge and understanding, laboratories are wonderful knowledge and understanding, laboratories wonderful setting for teahing and learning science. With this purpose the school has full pledged laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biotech.
“Science is a perpetual search for an intelligent and integrated comprehension of the would we live in.”

Biology Lab

Biology, the science of life is one of basic courage offered by CBSE upto X as part of science and technology and as a separate branch in XI and XII level. This branch include Human Physiology, plant physiology, genetic and evolution, ecology and environmental science and several other sub-branches. Apart from this recently a part of Biotechnology has also been included under this branch at XII level.
Biology lab at NDPS is a very well established lab with several compound microscopes and dissecting microscopes along with all basic facilities to carry out various experiments related to curriculum. Charts related to various topics, specimens of animals and plants are also available in lab. Cd’s as audio-visual is one of the main features of the lab.
All tehse facilities enable students to carry out various experiments in lab as well as in field successfully and makes learning easy, interesting and effective.

Physics Lab:-

  • Well equipped and furnished lab
  • With a capacity of 45-50 students per batch.
  • Dark room facility for doing related to spectrometer.
  • Hi tech kits for semiconductor based experiments.
  • Sufficient quantity of apparatus.
  • The lab is properly ventilated and well lit.
The details of other labs are us under:-
  • Biology lab – area 1800 sq ft.
  • Biotech Lab – area 1800 sq ft.
  • Physics Lab- area 1350 sq ft.
  • Maths Lab – area 900 sq ft.
  • Hall- area 2700 sq ft.

Chemistry Lab

A chemistry lab is a workshop for chemistry. Here students search the techniques of the preparation, identification and estimation. Chemistry lab in NDPS is well equipped and organized with class infrastructure and resources.
It has chromatography equipment for chromatographic analysis analytical balances and various equipments for quantitative estimation and qualitative detection. Apart from above scientific equipments we have various charts and 3-D models and other teaching aids to support and make leaving effective.
To avoid any kind of mishappenings we have precautionary measures too.
NDPS is working in the direction to avail all facilities for high-tech education.

Its important to understand chemistry if u are studying any of the sciences because all of the science involve matter and the interdictions between types of matter. Students wanting to become doctors, nurses, physists, nutritionists, geologists, pharmacists and chemists all study chemistry.

Biotechnology Lab

Biotech research is highly specific working in a range from specific protein strands all the way down to single molecules. The collection of science and technology used in biotech on the attributes of cells, DNA and biological systems.

The biotechnology lab at NDPS is a highly equipped technically upgraded infrastructure with hi-tech equipments like UV-V is spectrophotometer, UV-transilluminator, colling centrifuge, laminar air flows chambger, vertical and horizontal gel electrophoresis units -200 C Deep freezer, autoclave, gel rocker and other basic instruments like micropipeltes (T20, T200, T1000) and eppendorfs.
These instruments and equipments in the lab, makes the student perform many recent and developed techniques like protein characterization and purification, enzyme purification and assay, DNA isolation, digestion and lilothing, Mirolual growth, isolation, staining and preservation, along with they have facilities to perform various projects on biochemistry, microbiology, plant cell culture, microbial cell culture and DNA techniques.

In future, the institution isplanning for further technical advancements in the lab to make students avail the facilities for their project works and scientific and technical skills.

Physics Laboratory

“Both art and physics are unique forms of language. Each has a specialized lexicon of symbols that is used in distinctive syntax.


The school has full fledged laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biotech.
The aim of NDPS is to get more modern physics into the school laboratory. The school realizes that with all the topics a typical teacher needs to cover in a given years, sometimes reaching modern physics is a difficult taste. The instruction has created modern laboratory with all the facilities and offers variety of worksheets, activities lesson plans that a teacher can use through out the year, but incorporate modern physics.

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