A school must begin with a dream, a dream for tomorrow ... and that is how this school began. Primarily, the story of the school’s inception is a tale of a Mother’s hunt for a good school for her children. It all began when Mrs. Sindhu Mendke, a mother of three endlessly searched a good school. As all parents, she was looking for a school that not only excelled in academics but also gave personalized attention to her children. To her, as every parent thinks, her children were exceptional and needed to be nurtured. Her expectations were high just like all parents.

As a qualified post graduate in education management she felt that a lot could be done and that little was being done This led to her frequent debates with the school authorities. She had her share of disappointments. But she was not the one to accept defeat. She discussed with her husband Mr. Mendke who suggested her to set up her own school. He promised his whole hearted support to her in this endeavour.

As destiny would have it, his suggestion went a long way. The couple established Digamber school in 1978. It was named by their GURU Revered Shri SUKHDEV SHASTRI who was a stauch devotee of the Hindu diety DUTT DIGAMBER. In fact, he was also fondly called as DIGAMBER SHASTRI as he contantly chanted DIGAMBARA.. DIGAMBARA. The setting up of the school transformed this mother into a teacher. It gave an outlet to her aspirations as a parent. She created another family that she nurtured with the heart and wisdom of a teacher.

She wanted to give the best to her children and bring out the best in them. This emotion is deeply embedded in the root philosophy and the fabric of the school.

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