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NDPS is dedicated to pursuit of excellence in all fields associated with its functioning. This is in sync with our aim to nurture the learners in an environment of excellence.

We focus on Leadership and Learning excellence, as they are important in all phases of life.


Leadership Excellence

  • At NDPS leadership lessons are essentially lessons in self leadership. Before an individual begins leading others, he must first lead himself. This positive quality makes a person distinctive and this distinctiveness is known as character.
  • Each individual is gifted with an innate leadership potential. This potential can be awakened with right impulse.
  • We believe that the leadership training completes only when the budding leader realizes the value of Excellence in leadership.
  • We strive to fortify the leadership quality with excellence by encouraging a passion to be better and outstanding. For this, students must compete with themselves and better their performance each time.
  • We nurture the leader within each child and help its free expression.
  • The school leadership also sets an inspiring example of leadership excellence for the students to emulate
  • We make dedicated efforts to bring the ideas of leadership, excellence and freedom to life.


Learning Excellence

  • At NDPS we pursue learning excellence not only in academics but in all disciplines taught in the school.
  • While it may not possible to learn everything in one life it is certainly possible to learn something thoroughly. We emphasize this meticulousness in learning. Attention to detail determines the quality and wholesomeness of education.
  • All systems of NDPS are intended to be a source of learning. We understand that the students will observe and subconsciously remember what they have seen. It will remain ingrained in their minds and will perhaps become their first yardsticks of quality.
  • We model our learning systems on international standards and practice them honestly.
  • We motivate our team to accept only the highest quality and norms when it comes to delivering them to the students.
  • For us, excellence is not a static concept. It is a dynamic concept that thrives on continuous improvement and awareness of our people.
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