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New Digamber Public School is indeed a work of a lifetime and I feel nostalgic writing about it. I feel thrilled and humbled to see the small sapling, that we planted years ago, grow into a huge shady and fruit laden tree.

To tell you the truth, my journey has always been about the children and their potential.

In a journey spanning more than four decades I have witnessed most diverse kind of students. No two students are alike and unexpected things do happen. Sometimes, a naughty boy will take up the challenge and study harder than a studious one and sometimes a real aloof one will walk on the stage and deliver a smashing speech. A seemingly dull one can surprise you with his talent and vibrancy in sport or art.

Well, that is how human beings are! What we dislike today we may end up liking it tomorrow with all our heart. If the interest is awakened, it brings along a conviction to become better at it. With children this phenomenon is even more pronounced. They deliver nothing short of miracle with a little support and motivation.

Every child is born with a gift. It is a folly to disregard it even if no immediate signs are visible. The talent may be completely latent for a long time but with a little patience, affection and trust the gift within is bound to reveal itself. It is here that a teacher’s task becomes challenging. She must remain objective but also believe in the potential of her students. A school also must cherish differences and celebrate individuality. Only then it can touch and transform lives. This has been my mantra and the core essence of my beliefs. I am happy that NDPS symbolizes it.

It is a gratifying experience to see NDPS earn a special place in the heart of the learners.

I sincerely hope it retains this core essence and measures up to the expectations of stakeholders for many years to come.

With best wishes,

Mrs. Sindhu Mendke
Tirthanjali Educational Society

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