Who Is An NDPian

An NDPian is a student for life. An NDPian is not just a student or alumni of NDPS. It includes the staff, teachers, management and the parents of NDPS too.

An NDPian -

  • is-a-learner.jpg

    Is a leader

  • values-freedom.jpg

    Values freedom

  • chases-excellence.jpg

    Chases excellence

  • justice-and-respect.jpg

    Believes in justice and respect

  • has-a-global-outlook.jpg

    Has a global outlook

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    Is a lifelong learner


We are an institution in constant pursuit of excellence.

New Digamber Public School is a coeducation, English medium, school affiliated to CBSE board. It is 10+2 day school that runs Classes from grade I to XII.

    • VISION 2022

      NDPS Indore will be one of the leading schools in India.


      We are on a mission to create environments of learning that are progressive, value freedom and stand for the highest levels of excellence.



  • Every individual is unique. What makes one special is an inimitable blend of distinctive characteristics coded by divine will. It is just like an arrangement of musical notes to produce a distinct music. As a result of this inner coding, each journey is unique and so is the destiny. No wonder, expression of this inner code is most satisfying for all human beings.
  • We function with awareness and respect the individuality of each child.
  • We do not strive to shape, impose or carve destinies by pushing students on pre-set paths.
  • All we try to do is to equip each learner with skills and awaken wisdom within that will help him unfold his own destiny in harmony with himself and his surroundings.


  • We are an institution in constant pursuit of excellence.
  • We are progressive and willing to take the lead.
  • We are a friend and partner to all our stakeholders.
  • We are a home for learners who are less ordinary.
  • We are a school with an environment that is stimulating, healthy and safe.


“You are told a lot about your education, but some beautiful, sacred memory, preserved since childhood, is perhaps the best education of all. If a man carries many such memories into life with him, he is saved for the rest of his days. And even if only one good memory is left in our hearts, it may also be the instrument of our salvation one day.”

-Fyodor Dostoevsky

Schooling is one of the most important phases in a human being’s life. A child enters school at the age of 3 and attends it regularly for next 15 years. By the end, the child is already knocking the doors of adulthood. The impact of these years spent in a school is phenomenal.

Childhood experiences not only shape one’s personality but influence the future as well. These experiences are not restricted to the academic transaction, but encompass everything associated with a school like the teachers, peers, and the campus environment as a whole.

Schooling is a once in a lifetime experience never repeated and never replaced. A school touches life and transforms it. Hence our effort is to generate worthwhile experiences for our students. We believe that the time spent by a student within the portals of NDPS will be memorable and empowering


NDPS is dedicated to pursuit of excellence in all fields associated with its functioning. This is in sync with our aim to nurture the learners in an environment of excellence.

We focus on Leadership and Learning excellence, as they are important in all phases of life.


Leadership Excellence

  • At NDPS leadership lessons are essentially lessons in self leadership. Before an individual begins leading others, he must first lead himself. This positive quality makes a person distinctive and this distinctiveness is known as character.
  • Each individual is gifted with an innate leadership potential. This potential can be awakened with right impulse.
  • We believe that the leadership training completes only when the budding leader realizes the value of Excellence in leadership.
  • We strive to fortify the leadership quality with excellence by encouraging a passion to be better and outstanding. For this, students must compete with themselves and better their performance each time.
  • We nurture the leader within each child and help its free expression.
  • The school leadership also sets an inspiring example of leadership excellence for the students to emulate
  • We make dedicated efforts to bring the ideas of leadership, excellence and freedom to life.


Learning Excellence

  • At NDPS we pursue learning excellence not only in academics but in all disciplines taught in the school.
  • While it may not possible to learn everything in one life it is certainly possible to learn something thoroughly. We emphasize this meticulousness in learning. Attention to detail determines the quality and wholesomeness of education.
  • All systems of NDPS are intended to be a source of learning. We understand that the students will observe and subconsciously remember what they have seen. It will remain ingrained in their minds and will perhaps become their first yardsticks of quality.
  • We model our learning systems on international standards and practice them honestly.
  • We motivate our team to accept only the highest quality and norms when it comes to delivering them to the students.
  • For us, excellence is not a static concept. It is a dynamic concept that thrives on continuous improvement and awareness of our people.


NDPS is located on the Indore-Khandwa state highway. It is 3 Kilometres from Bhawarkuan square which makes it the closest to the city. It is perhaps the only private unaided school located within city limits with such abundant infrastructure and numerous avenues of learning.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main road, the school is situated at least 150 meters deep from the highway. It cuts the school from the noise and pollution and makes it an ideal environment for learning.

The lush green campus is flooded with trees and lush green playgrounds that give it a picturesque view. It houses more than 3000 trees that include fruit bearing and shady trees. The pupils experience closeness to nature on a daily basis.


NDPS blends modern, minimalist 21st century architecture with the beauty of nature. On the one hand there are state of the art building complexes that house world-class academic and sports facilities and on the other hand there are lush green lawns lined with trees that engulf the school.

The school infrastructure is simple yet rich, massive but functional and is built on world-class standards. It is a result of meticulous planning and reflects the founder’s vision for the school.

  • Classroom


    The classroom is a gateway to the world of learning. The classrooms are equipped with latest gadgets and have just the right blend of technology and teacher student interaction.

  • Library


    NDPS has a well-stacked library with almost 15,000 books covering a range of topics. It also houses an e-library and a spacious reading area.

  • Sick Bay


    The sick bay is equipped with the basic first aid facilities and supervised by a trained and experienced nurse. Any case that requires urgent medical attention is immediately referred to the closest Hospital.

  • School Transport


    The school bus fleet covers various parts of the city. Besides the guidelines issued by Honourable Supreme court all other CBSE and state government norms are followed.
    The Bus staff is experienced, well trained and is regularly updated by the transport department.

  • Dining Hall


    The school has a well-equipped modern kitchen and a big dining hall. The school serves fully vegetarian lunch. The menus are planned in consultation with nutrition specialists.

  • Laboratory


    The school offers following well-equipped labs to its students to conduct practical exercises.

    . Biology
    . Physics
    . Chemistry
    . Biotechnology

    . Maths
    . English
    . IT and computer
    . Hall area for interactive sessions.

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