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Schooling is one of the most important phase in a human being's life. A child enters school at the age of 3 and attends it regularly for next 15 years. By the end, the child is already knocking the doors of adulthood. The impact of these years spent in a school is phenomenal.

Childhood experiences not only shape one's personality but influence the future as well. These experiences are not restricted to the academic transaction, but encompass everything associated with a school like the teachers, peers, and the campus environment as a whole.

A school touches life and transforms it. It is a once in a life time experience never repeated and never replaced.

With this humbling awareness we strive to generate worthwhile experiences for our students. We believe that the time that our student spends within the portals of NDPS will be memorable and empowering.

Therefore, NDPS is intended to a dynamic learning organization and not a simple academic school with fixed routines. Simply said, we wish NDPS to become a learner's paradise.
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