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NDPS A+ Cricket Academy
Games and Sports play a very significant role in the life of an individual as they help a person stay fit and fine both mentally and physically. With the growing awareness about the need of good health and appearance, today various games and s ports have become an integral part of the daily routine of a good number of people. Besides they have also opened up a good avenue of lucrative and rewarding careers.

NDPS, therefore, has given adequate importance to all types of games and sports since its very inception. It has also encouraged the students to display their sporting excellence both nationally and internationally. Its Cricket Academy is one of its significant endeavours to promote the games and sports both as the means of maintaining good health and as that of gaining a professionally rewarding career. With the longing to realize this objective, NDPS Cricket Academy was brought into existence on Ist September in 2011. The Academy under their guidance and leadership has the following personnel:
Head Coach:
Mr. Amal Kokje

Assistant Coaches:
Mr. Rishi Yengde, Mr. Ashutosh Sawner, Mr. Paras Jain, Mr. Ankit Dane

Pitch Curator:
Mr. C S Pingle

The Academy which is registered with Indore Division Cricket Association participates in the following tournaments:
1. A - Grade
2. B - Grade
3. U - 13
4. U - 15
5. U - 17
6. U - 18
7. U - 21

The Academy has won so many matches and tournaments so far .The victories worth mentioning are:
1. NDPS Trophy A-Grade, 2011-12
2. Satish Malhotra Trophy, 2011-12
3. XI P.D. Pathania U-13 Tournament, 2011-12
4. XII P.D. Pathania U-13 Tournament, 2012-13
5. IDCA Trophy U-15, 2011-12
6. IDCA Trophy U-15, 2012-13 and
7. YPL Corporate Tournament, 2011-12

Players selected from the Academy at various level:
Sr. No. Name of Player Level Session
1 Shivam Tiwari M.P. U-18 2011-12 , 2012-13
2 Apurva Purohit M.P. U-16 2012-13
3 Shreyansh Sharma M.P. U-16 2011-12 , 2012-13
4 Ashutosh Sharma M.P. U-14 2011-12 , 2012-13
5 Heemansh Pancholia M.P. U-16 2012-13
6 Prabhupreet Bagga M.P. U-16 2012-13
7 Rishabh Choubey M.P. U-16 2013-14
8 Manan Mehta M.P. U-14 2012-13
9 Abhishek Pathrod M.P. U-22 , M.P. U-25 2011-12 , 2012-13
10 Amit Paul Ranji Trophy 2011-12 , 2012-13
11 Ankit Dane M.P. U-25 2012-13
12 Ishu Pancholia Indore Division U-13 2012-13
13 Hitesh Dembla Indore Division U-15 2012-13
14 Kuldeep Gehi Indore Division U-18 2012-13
15 Harpreet Saran Indore Division U-15 2012-13
16 Gorav Namdev Indore Division U-18 2012-13
17 Ketan Choudhary Indore Division U-17 , U-18 2012-13
18 Prakhar Jain Indore Division U-17 , U-18 2012-13
19 Bhumesh Muzalda Indore Division U-13 2012-13
20 Aman Jain M.P. U-16 2012-13
21 Nakul Mehta M.P. U-16 2012-13

Facilities available at the Academy for players:
The Academy, in order to ensure the needed perfection in the training so that the world class players could be produced, provides its trainees with the following facilities:
1. Lush green Ground with 70 Mts. Boundary
2. 02Indoor Wickets
3. 05 Wickets Square according to the standard of ICC for Matches
4. 06 Turf Wickets for practice and 02 Cement Wickets
5. Side Screen
6. Score Board
7. Video Analysis
8. Swimming Pool
9. Gym and
10. Yoga
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